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Thank you to whoever created this! I had a preschool teacher try to tell my that my autistic son just "doesn't care" about other people. And she was a special ed preschool teacher too! I was SO angry! He CARES even if he isn't EXPRESSING it.

Cognitive empathy: the ability to predict others’ thoughts and intentions, reading between the lines. Affective empathy: the ability to share another’s feelings. Compassionate empathy: the desire to help others (though perhaps not knowing how).

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How to care for introverts

I am not an introvert but I love and respect a great many people who are. I wish more people would understand what it means to be an introvert - maybe you are and you don't even realise. Introversion does not equal shyness.

ADHD at School: Teacher Resources and Tips  How teachers can help ADHD students shine in the classroom by fostering structure, routine, good communication, and fun.

How Teachers Can Help Every Student Shine

Link to ADDitude Magazine. ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) symptoms, medication, treatment, information, help and diagnosis for ADD adults and parents of children with ADHD and learning disabilities from ADDitude magazine.

I need to remember this too. Because I was diagnosed later in life and others around me either don't know about the diagnosis or are unaware of what Aspergers even is, which is the case most of the time, I feel like the expectations set for me, even by myself, have remained the same even after my diagnosis. Its hard to understand this... I've always had autism, but now it's like I have to learn how to live with it... If that makes any sense?!?!

Friggin a. I try to explain to us today to somebody but they didn't get it. "you're just coming up with excuses or you're just an individual or you're fixating on your diagnosis" smh

Better yet, take a walk in my son's shoes.

Better yet, take a walk in my son's shoes.Tap the link to check out great fidgets and sensory toys. Happy Hands make Happy People!

Mom story: I help the homeless rebuild their lives. I co-founded Humble Design in Detroit with my partner, Ana Smith, in 2009, after helping a colleague who faced living on the streets. I was shocked to learn about her situation — she hid it so well. She must have come to work each day with such a heavy weight on her shoulders. We helped her find housing and we furnished her place with discarded and donated items.

How I help families on their way up

With every letter I wrote to my son while he was at MCRD SD training to become a US Marine, I sent a quote for encouragement.... Semper Fi

"You Are Only As Strong As You Allow Yourself To Be; Never Get Discouraged, Never Give Up Because Consistency & Dedication Is The Key To Success.

Essential oils can have a wonderful effect on anxiety, frustration, anger, meltdowns, focus and sleep...all concerns we moms of autistic children have!! If you haven't tried essential oils...I highly recommend!! I would love to help! I'm an independent distributor of Young Living essential oils (2248605) and I would love to help show you the Oil Way of Life! My son has seen great improvements with oils! #youngliving #younglivingautism #autism #aspergers #oilwayoflife #essentialoils

The Via Colony: Colony Thoughts On Essential Oils ~ Part 2 (Peaceful Child Blend recipe for ADHD included!

Article:  Helping Your Adult Child With Autism/Aspergers To Live Independently, setting boundaries.

Helping Your Adult Child With Aspergers To Live Independently

Article: Helping Your Adult Child With Autism/Aspergers To Live Independently, setting boundaries.

When Words Fail in Therapy: Therapists should be able to meet their clients where they are, and help you find your truest self, BE your truest self. If you can better communicate through color or movement or rhythm, seize that! I opted to integrate art journal therapy in my treatment. It helped me recall the things that I needed to work through. My memories are poured onto the paper

When Words Fail in Therapy

As all the kids line up to go to school, your son, Timmy, turns to you and says, “I don’t want to take the bus. My stomach hurts.

ADHD Adults and Distractions: Concentrating with White Noise | ADDitude - Attention Deficit Disorder Advice  | I don't think my son in particular has ADD but he does have a hard time completing his work (does great listening) so maybe white noise will help.

“Sounds Hammered My ADHD Brain Like Blows.”

October is ADHD Awareness Month. How much do you know about ADHD? Here are some common myths to help you understand ADHD better.

Every aspect. Of life. Autism. Can be grown out of. Always challenges seems like.

10 Quotable Phrases of Mom’s Pure Wisdom