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Here are some ways to practice self-care!

38 Simple Ideas For Taking Care of Yourself When You Need It Most

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These tips really do work! If you stay committed to taking care of your hair the right way and doing most of these things, you should see a huge difference. #ad

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natural hair care tips and tricks

25 Natural Hair Care Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

The ABCs of Healthy Natural Hair - 26 Tips To Help Make Your Natural Journey a Happy One (its 6 inches per year for avg hair growth)


Prevent Losing Hair With These Easy Tips. When you were young, you wore your hair in a mullet style for maximum effect. Your hairstyle has probably changed drastically throughout many stages of you

How to grow my edges back is a question that many of us have asked and researched? The answer is here! Here are 10 steps to repair thin edges. relaxedthairapy.com

How to grow my edges back is a question many face. Here are 10 steps to repair thin edges. Great tips for natural hair, relaxed hair and transitioning hair.

Learn to care for elegant natural hair, highlights for your coils and color. Do…

How to Transition from Relaxed to Natural Hair In 7 Steps

naturalhairqueens: “Her curls juicy af tho! Like if you squeezed one cocounut oil and blueberry juice would just come dripping out of it.