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‘World on fire’ With Isabelle and Simone. Photo by Laguz Photography.

Blaster, with The Lazy Dweller

Check out Tribe Riot for more post apoc wickedness grin emoticon! Photo, post process: Laguz Photography — with Laguz Photography and Isabelle Donga.

Cecilus Vallerius Uberti: Once a promising acolyte serving in the temples of the Jargian empire. Now a pariah accused of heresy, Iovanus preaches in the slums, heals the unfortunate and occasionally serves as a mercenary.

(via NOMADES (Numero Homme)) Jean Baptiste Mondino Photographer, Serge Girardi Fashion Editor/Stylist, Alexandry Costa Hair Stylist, Lloyd Simmonds Makeup Artist, Liuk Bass/ Patrick Petitjean/ Simon Sabbah/ Willy Cartier Models.

Jen A Warlock 002 by jagged-eye on DeviantArt

I have been a bit off on my stock uploads. So here are two from a recent shoot with the lovely Jen A! Costume designed by Slincwear Costumes Photography. Jen A Warlock 001


Kaylin Amabile Photography (kamabilephoto) - designer The Gypsies Caravan Jewelry (Rebeca Marshik) and RunWith the Tribe

candysponge:  :: pict o5 by ~hakueizm

candysponge: :: pict o5 by ~hakueizm - logangaiarpg

another pinner said: Shaman; this is somewhat how I see Herne-Cernunnos' face when he assumes human form.