Copper Iris (Iris fulva), a Louisiana Iris | Lucy's in the Garden

Copper Iris: Iris fulva 'Lucy's in the Garden' [Family: Iridaceae] - a Louisiana Iris.

all the colors of the iris flower | louisiana iris l ouisiana irises are perennials that can be grown ...

The February birth flower is the iris. The warm, deep color of the iris is a harbringer of the luxuries of spring, as we know February has long been a month known for romance and love. Back Tattoo flower!

Louisiana Iris Sinfonietta, Iris louisiana, Louisiana Water Iris - Perennials from American Meadows

Louisiana Iris Sinfonietta from American Meadows, your trusted source for Iris. We offer gardeners guaranteed Louisiana Iris Sinfonietta and all the information and confidence needed to succeed.

Iris sibirica 'Snow Queen' ~ siperiankurjenmiekka ~ siberian iris, siberian flag

MAY-JUNEIris sibirica 'Snow Queen' ~ siperiankurjenmiekka ~ siberian iris, siberian flag

Iris louisiana Cajun Love

Iris louisiana Cajun Love

Check out our irises for sale including Japanese iris, Louisiana Iris, and Iris ensata. Many flower colors to choose from and a few variegated irises too like Iris ensata Variegata (aka Silverband) and Iris pallida Variegata.

Louisiana Iris Bold Pretender

IRIS SIBIRICA 'DOUBLE Plant) Bloom,Early and mid-spring Planting Dig holes or beds wide, not deep Lightly amend heavy clay or sandy soils with organic matter Gently remove plants from cont