Look through some of your favorite moments with WALL·E and his friends and relive the adventure


You've got a friend in this Disney quiz. If you've ever wondered what Toy Story character you are, the time for self-knowledge is now! (Fingers crossed you don't get Stinky Pete.


Quiz: Which Royal Couple are You and Your Significant Other

Wish I could sleep right now and would be kissed awake by prince charming. ( in stead of lying awake crying about subconscious dreams not coming true)

I just saw this picture and that pink dress looks an awful lot like like the pink dress from Cinderella..... What if something happens to Mrs. Darling and the boys and later Mr. Darling and Wendy is really Cinderella??

Which Disney Mom Are You?

Which Disney mom are you most like? I got Mary Darling, lovin my result!