Mage Fantasy Art Books Artwork Realistic Swords Fresh New Hd Wallpaper [Your Popular HD Wallpaper] (shared via SlingPic)

Concept Art by Guangjian Huang  Closest thing to a Rifts Cyberknight I've ever seen.

Classroom presentations by HGJ-DEV knight paladin fighter platemail sword…

Dark Fae

Discover the art of Do Limp, a Chinese freelance artists working for the game industry

Imagens para Inspirar - Paladinos I

Crusader, Diablo 3 by MikeAzevedo on deviantART armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc

Character Portraits : Photo

haha I had to pin this to this album, seeing a cute little affectionate cat in a picture like that. haha it's just so adorable. I need a female half-elf rogue version of this! D&D

BrainSpew the 45th by Altalamatox on deviantART

Originally Posted: September 2009 ----- Not the longest Spew in the history of Spews, but then I haven& been drawing much outside commission work lately. On the upside, I finally have a solid t.