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I have been waiting so long for this infographic to show up. If only I could print a million of them and hand them out to people.

Common myths about the Pit Bull.

Funny pictures about Common myths about Pit Bulls. Oh, and cool pics about Common myths about Pit Bulls. Also, Common myths about Pit Bulls.

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Rusty is Samantha's one-eyed protector. He was once a "bait dog" in a local dog fighting ring who escaped and showed up on Sam's doorstep. She originally intended to give him up to the local pound, but fell in love with him and decided against it.

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Blue Nose Pit Bulls is one of the popular Pitbull Dog Breeds. If you are interested in buying or adopting a Blue Nose Pitbull, read first the facts about this d

Love this, want some of these pics for my new look in the house this year

Thoughtful Pitbull Warrior Heart Painting by Dean Russo - Thoughtful Pitbull Warrior Heart Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

left to right, top to bottom: 1. American Bulldog 2. American Allaunt 3. Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog 4. Dogo Argentino 5. Presa Canario 6. Ca do Bou 7. American Pit Bull Terrier 8. Cane Corso 9. Boxer 10. American Bandogge 11. Olde English Bulldog 12. American Bully. BSL is not a solution, it is a problem... It is wrong, and innocent animals die because of it.

Pitbulls Lovers's photo: left to right, top to bottom: American Bulldog American Allaunt Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog Dogo Argentino Presa Canario Ca do Bou American Pit Bull Terrier Cane Corso Boxer American Bandogge Olde English Bulldog American Bully

Pit Bull | PetSync #PitBullPics

Pit Bull | PetSync #PitBullPics

Coolest Pit Bull Brothers Ever #pitbull

Coolest Pit Bull Brothers Ever #pitbull

Will you? "Yes, and with respect, I stand up for you, my friend" #DogLover #PitBull

I would like to see the BSL lifted in Prince Georges County, Maryland.it is unfair for certain breeds to be singled out, it is not the breed, but negligent ow.


"We is sooper-scary pibbles! We is going to eat you! Yeah, eat you! So aggressive. Police and military use aggressive dogs like.wait they don't use pitbulls because that breed doesn't work!

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This Gallery is For American Bullies. Here you can find the cutest and baddest pictures of American bully.

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love Puppy Dog Puppies Hound Dogs American Pit Bull Terrier Stafforsdshire Pittie staffie This is a beautiful Pittie!