Artist: Mateo Dineen. monster show

Break a leg by Mateo Dineen - Zozoville Gallery (Berlin) - i bought a print of this after i started working at the theatre

Sock Monster by Mateo Dineen    ***I KNEW a Sock Monster existed!!

Sock Monster by Mateo Dineen ***I KNEW a Sock Monster existed! I want this by the washer & dryer!

amir-art......3D art of....Monster-slumber-party.... based on Marco Bucci Concept art............................Click on image to enlarge...........

Slumber Party: illustraton modeling ,texturing ,lighting ,rendering and look development by me .It was a fun working on it. This is my personal work based on the Marco Bucci illustration. I hope you like it.

monster (maia07, 2010)

monster (maia07, 2010)

art, illustration, Monster, interior, night, lighting, animal, cat //  Expired | Mateo Dineen.

i like the fact that this alien has loads of eyes and tiny legs this alien has the same type of body shape that we have been developing


These are some of the animal themed images i have done recently. The whale and the Turtle are part of a larger project i'm working on called "Big Animal Transport", which i will post a little further down the road.