11 and River. Not just lovers like Rose and 10 were, but an old married couple.

Doctor Who and the tenses

Doctor Who

That one time the TARDIS was like every Doctor Who fan.<<NO this is me writing a story and forgetting the tense that i am in

River Song

River Song, my all-time favorite character because no one can top her sassy bad-ass attitude ; I identify with River(MJ) I identify with her


{I always loved that 10 says "I know" and 11 says "you don't" because for all 10 knew River really did hate him.

Matt and Moffat talk about The Doctor and River. <---we really DO just call him Moffat, don't we?

Matt and Moffat talk about The Doctor and River. And life is beautiful and wonderful and perfect and MY OTP IS MARRIED. I WIN. <--- hahaha not my complete OTP but I ship them a lot

Doctor Who

I totally love River Song. River Song, a psychopath engineered to kill the Doctor who totally married her :)

Re-quoted in Doctor Who theme.

Re-quoted in Doctor Who theme.

Eleven and River. Oh the hidden innuendos.

Oh, that's so close to the perfect sentence Doctor, River

Love when Donna says this

Oh I love her so much. I really hope that this is the season when the Doctor suddenly says " Oi! I just figured out how to let Donna Noble remember everything without killing her!" :)<<<<< that last bit would make me the happiest Whovian around

The library episodes used to make me scared, now they just make me cry!

Forest of the Dead / The Husbands of River Song Perfect symmetry.

Uh this makes me want to cry.

I like how the person who wrote the second comment seems to be responding to the fact that the first comment was posted by someone named 'Moffat-Rocks'

The Husbands of River Song

I love them this is by far my favorite doctorXriver in all of Doctor who. River with 10 is heartbreaking, river with 11 is a roller coaster of emotions, River with 12 is a beautiful relationship in its most comfortable stage