I remember watching this episode for the first time and when I saw him walk onto the screen I literally screamed: "OMG NATASHA DID U SEE THAT IT'S FLIPPING CASTIEL!!!!!!!!!"

"Dean:The fuck you've been? Cas:Sorry,Sherlock jumped off a building."<< I'm not familiar with Dr. Who or Supernatural, but this is REALLY hilarious.

He asked for it.

Oh my god! where do I pin this? My Sherlock board or my Supernatural board? Make a crossover board and pin it there? Ok double pinning it is :) ----I don't even have a supernatural board just couldn't erase that caption.

(gif) Wrong Damn Fandom ||| Superlock ||| Supernatural + Sherlock<That's just.. XD

Sherlock and John If the rain 'washed it out', the itsy bitsy spider would not have been capable of climbing up the spout a second time because it would be dead.

I'm certified to do either of those. LOOKS LIKE IM GUNNA BE THE ONE SAVING THE SHERLOCKIANS (after a few drinks myself)

I swear the Doctor Who, Supernatural, and Sherlock fandoms infect everything! (Note I am in the Doctor Who fandom!

Oakencrossover #14: Sherlock Holmes by *PeckishOwl on deviantART

I simply adore the Sherlock and Lord of the Rings crossover pictures!<<<these are from the Hobbit

Haha. Don’t call Jensen ugly. What. He’s. Not. Ugly. He’s. Hotter. Than. You! Btw you people might be bears but fandoms are celestials compared to you so yep.

Superwholock ruining text posts about ruining text posts, brilliant! << I am so proud to be a part of this superwholock fandom.

Doctor Who/Sherlock

yea, I was sad when Sherlock stepped off that roof, but this was funny.I'm obviously more of a Doctor Who fan if I'm not as outraged as some other people --- oh gosh I can't pick

Superwholock<-- dean is gonna kill them, the Doctors gonna make em clean it, and Sherlock and John will probably chase them down.

Are You Superwholocked? Doctor Who/Sherlock/Supernatural Mashup TARDIS - Baker Street - 1967 Impala - Bad Wolf - Vote Saxon - I believe in Sherlock - Angel removal sigil (Dean would be so ticked if he saw this on his baby :D)

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I'm thinking of watching Sherlock and Supernatural. She watches both, she started doctor who.

How supernatural should end

sorry, I do not ship Destiel. but this is pretty damn funny. it'd also be kind of awesome, just maybe not the dialogue

I disagree with John having a crush on Sherlock (I believe they love each other like brothers, NOT romantically) the whole thing is perfect.

((Let's just combine these shows into one, so that we can have WhoLock. And also, the Sherlock hiatus can FINALLY end.))>> Actually there is one difference it's that in Doctor Who there running from danger while in Sherlock There running to danger.