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American artist Kim Keever did new abstract creations for his exhibition “Across the Volumes” at the Waterhouse & Dodd in April From a mixture of paint and water, kinds of colorful volutes appear in the air, under the shapes of clouds, mushr.

Underwater Art: Artist Kim Keever drops paint into water and photographs the spectacular results | Creative Boom

American artist Kim Keever's dazzling photographs, featuring colourful abstract compositions sometimes dubbed 'Art Under Water', are created by pouring pigments into a tank and capturing the.

Kim Keever's soft, ethereal photos that capture the random qualities of pigment suspended in water.

Paint and Water Make Unbelievably Ethereal Abstract Photos

Available for sale from Waterhouse & Dodd, Kim Keever, Abstract 1769 C-print, 32 × 27 in

milk with ink in water (by Oliver James)

Think this is done using a fast shutter speed of coloured milk dispersing through water, amazing effect.

Kim Keever's Mesmerising Art Made by Squeezing Paint into Water | Yellowtrace

Kim Keever's Mesmerising Art Made by Squeezing Paint into Water

Gorgeous Abstract Underwater Art by Kim Keever — T H E


Kim Keever

Kim Keever Photographs Unpredictable Abstract Displays of Color

Gorgeous Colors !!

Blue & Pink, Feather, Texture, Pantone Color(s) of Rose Quartz & Serenity,.

pink love

I think we can use pink smoke for our event. For me smoke make me think of scent

Rowan Mersh 2014

Rowan Mersh 2014 / abstract feather photograph / color inspiration / black and white / monochromatic / texture / pattern / nature / art

"I can't be like you anymore, sister." Flame looked at her like she didn't know her, and Lalune wasn't surprised. "There's too much darkness in me, now." She said, unaware that her eyes had gone completely black.

Darkness- breathe it out

Ink in water

Ink in water, Alberto Seveso.

ღ  ....

Ger Kelliher - High Speed Sea Foam Photography Light on water

artist over the top stiletto nails, black, white, red or yellow powder, fashionable block colours

Photos of fire and smoke inspired by the use of smoke signals as a means of communication during Papal conclaves.

Controlled Burns - For his photography series Controlled Burns, photographer Kevin Cooley photographs imposing images of fire as it gradually burns itself out. Meant.

i would love the blue part as the 'ocean' bit. I wonder how it would look if it was sandblasted  Metallic Ink Shot in Water - Alberto Seveso

Metallic Ink Shot In Water Form Beautiful Abstract Clouds

Stunning Photography of Metallic Ink Clouds by Alberto Seveso

コニシロク タンブラー

I extinguished the fire in my hands and sat there holding the smoke. I wanted to breath it in, it was the closest thing to a cigarette that I had, and as I worried about Phoenix I really needed something to get my mind off things.