Hannah Montana..my childhood is so over.

just pinnin this cause her hair was soo beautiful and so was she Notice this says WAS and cuz I loved hannah montana

i really say that all the time..wgen i tell someone "im gonna call ____" then i always add: " AND I AM NOT GONNA USE THE BANANA THIS TIME!" ;)

I'm calling mom! "And I am NOT using the banana this time!" "You guys heard that too, right?

Lol. Yay. Hogwarts\Harry Potter reference.

does this mean that Miley Stewart is not only Hannah Montana but also is a Hogwarts student?

Hannah Montana Say What?   I miss this show so much.

Hannah Montana Say What? Now all the old miley fans are like "good girl Hannah turned to nasty tongue-flippin miley say what?

Hannah Montana ep 1! Miss this show!

Okay so like a week ago marked the EIGHT year anniversary of the FIRST Hannah Montana episode ever! it feels like yesterday :')