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I would love to start my road trip by letting off a lantern. Preferably at Rocky Falls

We got a floating lantern for our wedding a year and a half ago but haven't had an opportunity to let it go. We all have a bucket list, whats on yours? We all have a bucket list, whats on yours?

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✓ Ride a subway in New York ✓ Rode the subway a few times in Feb 2015 - even had some guys board the carriage and start singing!

endless opportunities

took college classes.would rather finish and then use my money for other "fun things" im checkin this one too

someone would have to push me

National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire. All weather free range lodge and cottage breaks for all the family with spa, waterpark and activities for all ages

I might be an adrenaline junkie?

I think, it takes a certain type a person to bungee jump, .and try other risky adventures. I know, these type of things have to be amazing for adventurous and adrenaline 'junkies'.

Did some of it, but not all! There must be more time to travel the world ✈️

Walk on the Great Wall of China-Check! Visit the Walk of Fame-Check! Stand Under the Hollywood Sign-Check! Go to California-Check!