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Note to self [via Cole Evans Reece]

Good thing to remember

"a diamond is a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well" Love that quote! Out of stress, something beautiful and rock solid was born. Sometimes it's a diamond, sometimes it's a life.

Grateful quotes: Be grateful, Eat Vegetables, Love others. The ultimate guide to life

If we all had a bong, we'd all get along. Imagine all the lives, money, time, and effort we would save if we could just stop fighting.

Welcome to fy hippies! This site is obviously about hippies. There are occasions where we post things era such as the artists of the and the most famous concert in hippie history- Woodstock!

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Phenomenal Woman - Maya Angelou This poem makes me think of all the ways that we are individually beautiful and amazing and how often we forget those things. Women need to be proud of who and what they are no matter what anyone else says.


'The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life - Jessica Hische' chalk lettering by DangerDust

Make up your mind #happy

Happiness is not an emotion. Joy is an emotion. Happiness is a cognitive appraisal of your life. Abraham Lincoln was right.