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YLVIS live in Oslo - Massachusetts (+playlist)

This is a video of YLVIS from Oslo the of February live concert.

Ylvis - Ytterst På Tissen Live i Oslo Spektrum 28.02.2014

Ylvis - Ytterst På Tissen Live i Oslo Spektrum

YLVIS Live in Oslo - Janym (+playlist)

YLVIS plays their song Janym live in Oslo the of February 2014

Ylvis -  Oslo spektrum Kalle 28.02.14

we are the champion AND You raise me up

Ylvis in Spektrum - Ytterst på tissen

Oslo February Full peformance of "Ytterst på Tissen" I just want to explain something: I know that the woman's head is in my way, a.

Ylvis in Spektrum - Vegard dancing (Work it)

I've seen a great view of Bård's dancing during Work it. And I remembered that I have a clip of Vegard's part. I haven't found a good angle of Vegard's danci.

Ylvis - The fox Oslo spektrum 28.02.14

Ylvis - The fox Oslo spektrum

Ylvis på Bergenhus Festning: "Tonight we all wear golden t-shirts!"

Ylvis på Bergenhus Festning - "Tonight we all wear golden t-shirts!