"I can't remember the last time my hair was this long." Jon looked thoughtfully at his reflection. Eli reached over and turned Jon's face toward him.

character inspiration

Crop her lovely head right off, and you got a great, intimate photo of that necklace. what a lovely nose she has, to be sure!

“  Lewis Bryant for Streets Magazine by Cameron McNee ”

bothsidesguys: “ Lewis Bryant, Jack Barton, Lewis Conlon, Theo George & Raffaele BY Cameron McNee FOR Streets Magazine.

Daria Sidorchuk by ALTeditions

Daria Sidorchuk// Marina is the daughter of Ariel and Eric, she loves the sea and singing. Although her mother forbade her from going into the sea in fear of revenge from Ursula.

"We will keep her. Alive," growled First Star. His brother laughed. "But how will you keep her alive... when she's fighting *against* you?" The Dark Demon asked, and with that, he lunged for Angel, who had no time to react. Before she knew it, she was being launched into the dark sky...

Don't know who she is yet, but she looks rather malicious, so I'm assuming she's a bad girl. I'll probably use a character like her in my Ryder's Renegade story

Androgynous, androginy, trans boy, cute boys, blue hair, green hair, mint hair

Okay I, too, succumbed to The filter™ But damn look at those freckles I'd love to have some