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Largest Crocodile Ever | TIL About the largest crocodile ever killed, Krys. (x-post from /r ...

Colossal Crocodiles : Documentary on Giant Crocodiles of Yesterday and T.


Great White Shark Doesn't this scene remind you of the part in Jaws when the shark tips the boat and has Quint for lunch?

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This is a catfish. it lives in freshwater bodies of water. They don't usually get this big but it looks pretty awesome. A catfish usually stays towards the bottom of a body of water so it can stay cool. It eats bugs and small fish at times.

Guys on motorcycle: "man this day can't get any worse" Shark: "he he juuuust waaaait"

This doesn't look possible but it is. After Hurricane Irene went through Puerto Rico in a shark decided to go swimming down the street. Can you imagine? SHARKNADO IS REAL.

Great White Shark

Let us kill great whites, says Western Australia as protected species claims its fifth victim

You will likely never be bitten by a shark, but your chances of needing a blood transplant are very high. Become a blood donor during Shark Week!

I still want to pet one...

Mike Rutzen is an expert on the great white shark and an outspoken champion of shark conservation. They play a critical role in the sustainability of many ecosystems, as do all sharks, and deserve respect

This is white shark Amy. She is one of the largest sharks we have ever tagged

This is white shark Amy. She is one of the largest sharks we have ever tagged.

Oceanic Whitetip Shark – One of the amazing things about sharks is you can find z large variety of them. Yes, take for example the oceanic white tip shark.

Types of Sharks: a Mammal or Fish? About Facts and Other Interesting Questions

This picture of the Oceanic Whitetip shark with tropical fish swimming gracefully around it with a solid background makes for a great composition. It is very plain, yet interesting. The fish almost look like silhouettes, while the shark is clearly not.

A scary monster? Where??

Almost put it on your gift board because Kitten needs a shark hat.: Petslady S Pick, Funny Cats, Shark Kitty, Cute Animals, Kitty Shark