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11 Must Have Gadgets for Camping

"The Scrubba Wash Bag is the world's lightest and most compact washing machine that fits in your pocket and requires no electricity." Good for travel + camping + go-bags/ emergency preparedness.

Scrubba Wash Bag - The Pocket-sized Washing Machine

Deploy canoe!

The Oru Kayak - Origami kayak that folds flat for your backpack. Amazing folding / fold up kayak

If you often take long road trips, make sure you are ready with an inflatable bed! It takes up very little space, inflates in minutes, and turns any back seat into a comfortable bed! So,no fear to uncomfortable car with limited space.

The Gogo Elite Tent by Nemo is the ultimate solution for adventurers that want to pack light, perfect for bicycle or motorcycle touring, sea kayaking, or other adventures. The Gogo Elite Ultrlight Bivy Tent weighs only lbs and features an inf.

Scrubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba travelers kit is the best kit for washing clothes on the go. Includes a Scrubba wash bag, travel towel and elastic clothesline. Clean clothes anywhere.

Skinners is the Best Alternative to Heavy, Klunky Footwear

29 Freaky Smart Products Which Will Make You Want To Go Camping Skinners are the revolutionary ultra-portable footwear that you can roll up like socks but provide protection even from broken glass and durable enough even for a marathon.

32 Things You'll Totally Need When You Go Camping

32 things you "need" when camping including the Scrubba Wash Bag: Clean your cloths on the go using this dry bag with a washboard insert and a small amount of whatever 'soap' you have with you.

This Aspiring Filmmaker Converted a Used Cargo Van Into a Stylish Living Space

20 Best Camper Van Renovated Ideas for Your Rv - camperism

Mystical Fire Rainbow Flame Crystals: Transforms Any Fire. Use the Rainbow Fireplace Flame Crystals on any fire to create spectacular and mystical green and blue flames. - awesome idea but I wouldn't cook over this flame

Compact Foot-Powered Washing Machine Boon To Campers

Inflatable Car Bed

Inflatable Backseat Car Bed. Great for extra room when camping or on long roadtrips! Stop off on your road trip in complete relaxation with the inflatable car travel bed. This inflatable travel bed gives you a convenient sleeping space on the back seat of

Sleep as you Wish with the Sleeping Bag Suit

25 of the Most Popular Sleeping Bags for Camping For those who are looking for a bit more sleeping positions freedom in a sleeping bag, the Sleeping Bag Suit may be what you are looking for.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Make contaminated water safe to drink with LifeStraw Filters! A great travel gear essential that you can use anytime and anywhere - maybe when you take a hike along The Skåneleden Trail.