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hiking with friends :-) this is a brilliant idea for a photo...you just have to have one person miss out ;'(

6 tips for taking photos at night the best of friends family photo ideas I love the bear. There are many cute newborn photo ideas on this bl.

Rise & Shine (26 Photos) (2)

Rise & Shine (26 Photos)

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Find adventure: "At least once in your life, when you need to reset, pick a handful of places 4 to 8 hours away in every direction. Pull one from a hat, get in the car, and drive there. No questions asked.

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Vintage Hiking Tee

find adventure, explore more, hiking, backpacking. Hiking season is right around the corner

man-and-camera:  Jayme (left) and I (right) laughing that we forgot to pack enough food. Oh well, the best thing you can pack on a trip is g...

Gay, College Student, Cat Lover, Video Game Addict, and boy crazy. Let's be friends :) ~~~ "It is important to draw wisdom from different places. If you take it from only one place it becomes rigid and stale.


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