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White Witch : Photo A white candle can be substituted for any color, if your intentions are good and true.

Birthstones from Days Gone By Well, this is a funny little chart from days of old. However, it makes you wonder where they got their information. I suspect it was a simple little advertising trick as I cannot find any data to back u the claims, those some of them seem to hit the nail on the head, others miss by a mile.

Birthstones from Days Gone By

Chronologically, March is the first month to feature more than one official birthstone. It includes both its older, traditional birthstone of bloodstone as well as aquamarine which is now often considered the more popular or primary birthstone.

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Diamond Gemstones Great birthstone chart showing the meaning, history and origin of your birthstone for your birthday month. Rate this from 1 to Diamond


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Our Celtic Trees parchment is perfect for those who follow a Celtic tradition, someone who is a hedge witch, a green witch or those who find interest in old lore. This parchment lists trees sacred to

Celtic Trees Parchment

Celtic Trees parchment for your book of shadows.This parchment lists trees sacred to the lunar months, the alphabet, and the deities of the Celts.

The Moon has fascinated us for centuries and inspired countless legends. Let's�

Moon Phases and Phenomena [INFOGRAPHIC] The Moon has fascinated us for centuries and inspired countless legends. Let's look at the major lunar phases and phenomena—and the myths they've inspired.