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Why is this simple message so difficult for liberal gun control freaks to understand?

Cain killed Abel with the rock. It's a HEART problem, not a gun problem. Jeremiah 17 verse nine.

0 + 0 + 0 still equals nothing!  Unless something magical happened... and that magic COULD have been God-created. Why couldn't the big bang theory be God's hand?

Funny, because this is not what atheism is. What was described is the Big Bang theory. Atheism is not believing in God or any organized religion. So whoever made this should go read a book instead of criticizing the largest secularist group in the world.

Love it.

Best sign for your front yard if you have anti gun neighbors. I don't have to worry about my neighbors. We all are armed :D

Love him

No one owes you a damn thing! Get off your ass and earn it. This is true of so many people at this time.

The assault fork must be banned!

holy crap the fork is killing people! quick government start planning staged mass killings to help us ban the utensil known as the FORK<<oh no! Guns are killing people too!

We treat prisoners better than the elderly ... And most in our system are petty criminals in for stupid 'crimes' like smoking a plant... Sad

We treat prisoners better than the elderly . And most in our system are petty criminals in for stupid 'crimes' like smoking a plant.

Hey, guess what this is just a pin. A little pin. If you don't like it, ydon't read it. Your opinions may be different, great. Believe what you want. If you are capable of work and do not work then you are lazy. Why should anyone get free money from the government if you are capable of working.

I support helping The Needy not The Greedy! America needs to get a grip and stop the Complete Insanity and Chaos the Republicans have served up the last 6 years! (since the day President Obama was elected) Rotten Republicans

I admire this man!! More people should listen to what he has to say instead of bashing him for simply standing up for and stating what he believes in- everyone has that right! This is still America right?

Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is if you disagree with someone's lifestyle you must fear or hate them. The second is to love someone means you agree with everything they say or do. That is nonsense. Try to Duck this truth!

I hate dumb ass people..now more then ever.

If you don’t have to give up your car because others drive drunk with theirs . then why do you have to give up your gun because others commit crimes with theirs?

Good to know

Quote of the Day: I saw a movie where only the police and military had guns. it was called SHINDLER'S LIST