Quick concept sketch of a support UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) Combat role - mobile stealth missile targeting system.

Gravity shipgravity ship by pawelturalski:

gravity ship (not an airship per se, but I like aspects of that hull design)

ships ships ships ...... on Behance

Some ships from our friend Rico Kersten. Keywords: concept spaceship spacecraft flying vehicle modeling renders by rico ke.

Nicolas Bouvier aka Sparth—whose latest work is being art director for Halo 5—is getting better all the time. His private work is so optimistic and far away from the usually gritty and dark vision of other authors. And I love the fresh use of geometry in some of his most recent art.

I want to live in the optimistic sci-fi worlds of Nicolas Bouvier

Flying vehicles studies by sparth/Nicolas Bouvier. (via flying vehicles studies by sparth - CGHUB)