Don't worry Levy, Gajeel still loves you <3

This is an incomplete version that I threw together in a few minutes. These heights work from a variety of sources, including Mashima's canon comparison charts. It is not supposed to be exact - giv.

Fairytale x hunger games

Sting is so amazing i mean i still have a super big anime crush on gray and natsu but sting is somewhere on the anime crush list

Low key Miraxus

Low key Miraxus>> anyone notice Lisanna and Lucy high fiving in the background?

Image de fairy tail, mirajane, and laxus

It'd be hard for everyone to handle this loss I hope that after the battle Mirajane will help Laxus to move on. Fairy tail © Hiro Mashima If you like Mirajane, feel fre.

You know an anime is good if you get pissed off along with the characters, when this happened I was angry. Fairy Tail is one anime that I feel like the characters have become my family  so when they are hurt I am so sad. Fairy tail is one anime you can't go without watching if you feel the same repin this! Fairy Tail for life

OMG look at erza and grays mad face especially natsu<<<< Well duh Natsu loves her! Of course he's mad as hell!

Pokemon Fairy Tail Battle (1)

Pokemon Fairy Tail Battle (1)

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Fathers and their children. Anime/manga: Fairy Tail [Gildarts Clive x Cana Alberona / Silver Fullbuster x Gray Fullbuster / Alzack Connell x Asuka Connell / Igneel x Natsu Dragneel / Jude Heartfilia x Lucy Heartfilia / Macao Conbolt x Romeo Conbolt]

Mirajane worried to Laxus' condition. | MiIRAXUS | Fairy Tail | Manga 359 | Episode 235

Decided to bring together and colour this sweet moments) if you like Mirajane and Miraxus couple in particular, then come and join this group Miraxus moment (FT manga