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Lol, Right?!?

My boss told me to have a good day, so I went home. Funny Pictures Of The Day – 50 Pics


Exercise Eggs Are Sides For Bacon

That's reassuring?

"After watching copious amounts of crime dramas I've come to the conclusion that serial killers only target women who wear matching bra and pantie sets. Feeling much safer now.

.All day, every day. People should really understand it's not for their enjoyment, it's for mine. :P

I never said I could sing . but I love to warble along to a good song it…

Omg yes. Laughed so hard.

always a child of God, but in this life too a human [QUOTE, Life and God Humor: 'I really do try to see the best in people. But seriously.some of you fuckers are making it so damn hard.

Do You Have Royal Blood? Your Last Name May Tell You.

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I can't decide if people who wear pajamas in public have given up.on life or are living it to the fullest

I'm wearing pajamas today in honor of Hugh Heffner. Not really but I figured it was a good excuse to wear pajamas.