The Flying tennis court

World's highest tennis court: Burj Al-Arab, Dubai, UAE (I probably wouldn't play tennis, but I want to be up there!

The world's first underwater tennis court is here

Here's What the World's First Underwater Tennis Court Looks Like


Tennis Love, GAME, SET, MATCH Natural Stone I think I'll try to make this and hang it in my room instead of using them as coasters.

I take every opportunity to see the sunset.  I'm constantly rewarded with  a beautiful view for the day's hard work.

Tennis Anyone? [ "I hate tennis. but I love this photo! [ \"I hate tennis. but I love this photo! I love tennis. and I love this photo!

This sterling silver tennis racket and tennis ball ring is a perfect gift for yourself, your favorite tennis player or tennis coach! The ring features an adjustable band accented with a tennis racket and tennis ball.

Tennis Player Ring, Tennis Coach Gift, I love Tennis Jewelry (Sterling Silver Adjustable Ring, One size fits all)