"garland"  by Eau-de-Nil (Xenia Andreou, Cyprus) - necklace ? porcelain ??? don't know ...

"garland" by Eau-de-Nil (Xenia Andreou, Cyprus) - necklace ?

Collar Flores porcelana cerámica Cerámica Porcelana

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Necklace porcelain flowers modeled by hand. Glazed and polished porcelain, fired in three baking to Elaboration craft of the ceramics. Measures: Cord, He Necklace is send within an box from jewelry.

Lydia Hirte est une artiste Allemande qui réalise des bijoux sculpturaux en carton. Ses expérimentations sur la matière l’ont amenée a parfaitement la maîtriser et ainsi travailler le carton …

Lydia Hirte

Lydia Hirte Pendant: Untitled, 2016 Fine drawing card, drawing and callighraphic ink hand cut, coloured and glazed, moved by hand. 7 x 6 x cm - - Les Confluences. Ramón Casas and Contemporary Jewellery Exhibition / Joya 2016 / 22 Oct 2016