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Listen, stop, reverse, slam on the brakes, run, sleep, then (maybe) #CreativeClass

That from earth creates astounding balance between practical and art by Goro

FE McWIlliams | 1939 #design #sculpture #form #femcwilliams #love #thismustbetheplace

FE McWIlliams | 1939 #design #sculpture #form #femcwilliams #love #thismustbetheplace

jun kaneko ceramica - Buscar con Google

Japanese ceramic artist Jun Kaneko - Jun Kaneko next to his Untitled, Dango, hand built glazed ceramics

brenda holzke - FIR BALLS 6" 5" 3" stoneware spheres.

Fir balls, stoneware spheres, by Brenda Holzke - gallery - banded

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Amaya Clark pretty little apple bowl :) this thing is not really directly wedding related, but it's a cute idea right?

Need to join pottery studio so I can make this: Fruit Bowl

Pottery Tulip Bowl - Berry Server - Pillar Candle Holder - Wedding Ring Holder - Centerpiece - Original - Handmade and Carved Pottery