Portfolio Cerámicas Caelles | Lourdes Riera

Portfolio Cerámicas Caelles | Lourdes Riera

Offering No. 96 Handstitched Clamshell Book Sculpture por odelae

Offering No. 96- Handstitched Clamshell Book Sculpture

Book of the Sea Handstitched Clamshell Book Sculpture by odelae (Erica Ekrem). a functional and sculptural hand bound book. From a butter clam shell (Saxidomus giganteus) discovered on the beach off the coast of Orcas Island, WA.

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Suzanne Stumpf: Nest with Eggs III, x altered wheelthrown with handbuilt components; porcelain and porcelain paperclay; oxidation fired to cone 10 Both nests and eggs hold important concepts for reflection and meditation for me.


Thrown porcelain pot with built-up Flow on the outside. Click image to zoom

Thérèse Lebrun’s Porcelains.

Thérèse Lebrun’s Porcelains. (Art is a Way)

* “Since Thérèse Lebrun has focused on mastering the potentials of paper-thin porcelain. Lebrun creates shapes, objects that are utterly empty. These are reminiscent of remnants of form…