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Omg this is so true

My best friend's brother smokes weed and every time I go over to her house, he always offers it politely and is respectful when I decline.

Funny tumblr post

LMAO<<So it's the Australian version of "Does a bear go to the bathroom in the woods? 'I'm not here to fuck spiders' is the answer

Murder Time Game at College<<< My school has a game like that. It's called elimination.

Just make the entire thing square, the cap, the knob you use to turn it up and down, and the tube itself <<Sweetheart if you make the tube square you can't use a knob to turn it up and down.

May I remind you that the mosquito is an endangered species -Lilo and Stitch<<< AND THAT'S HOW IT SHOULD BE

Don't send them to an alternate universe tho because they will turn into UB 02 Absorption and kill us all

*why can't we be friends?*

Today I dressed hipstery and I was sitting in English next to my friend dressed in all black with leather and a friend dressed in an avengers sweater with harry potter earrings and I'm thinking we're like hipster, band and fandom fav story of the morning

☯Stay rad☯

Friend Mary kept hiding Justin Beiber's water bottles to piss him off. Your friend Mary is an inspiration to us all

It sounds so lonely though. I am an introvert, but I get lonely sometimes when I have no one to share my dreams with. My ideas. Even if I don't do it anyways, it's nice to have the possibility of someone to talk to.

Good for you, shoving him back out. You continue gardening and reading.