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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Invisible Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Invisible Skull

Nicholas Scarpinato's photography captures color in an exciting way - the gentle touches of color stand out as strong and vivid against the washed out backdrop of faded hues and ghostlike figures

A Young Photographer Begins His Surreal Journey

nicholas scarpinato - Fine art photographer Nicholas Scarpinato creates dreamlike captures that mimic the beauty of traditional paintings using digital mediums.

T H E _ C O L L E C T O R

The deepest truth of any person is no-person. It's not fear of death that drives humans, it's fear of non-being;

superpowers | Tuesday, April 3, 2012

CC: THANKS b/c there shouldn't just be like 5 canon superpowers. I'd take invisibility, size manipulation and weather control. OH and super speed. Just imagine me, a tiny invisible tornado-producing speed demon. That's where I want to go in life.