I should've come to Il Muto performance with printed copies of this poster and post them around Opera Populaire

The Phantom of the Opera

Love Changes Everything Lyrics

HAHAHAHa phantom of the opera and Christmas

Love Changes Everything Lyrics

Phantom of the Opera is here! -- Musicals, Phantom of the Opera, funny meme…

"Think of Me" | Carlotta, Christine, Raoul | The Phantom of the Opera | Keep Calm

Love Changes Everything Lyrics

When we've said goodbye, remember me every so often promise me you'll try. On that day, that not so distant day when you are far away and free, if you ever have a moment stop and think of me.

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BUT it makes for a musical people will go back and tear their hearts out for because WE.


I cried when we watched in the school and everybody else hated it and didn't get it and they really satrted telling why that movie was so bad. It was horrible, because Phantom of the Opera changed my life, I saw it when I was little and still love it.