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Honestly the best part about Loki and Frigga's relationship is she does put him in his place. No illusions of grandeur. Just mom and son. And Loki respects and loved her for it.

I ♥ Frigga. In my headcanon, Thor was always Odin's favourite, but Loki was totally Frigga's. Which kind of makes Loki luckier than Thor since Frigga is all kinds of badass awesome, and Odin is basically a total dick ♥

The one where Thor tricked Loki into a hug... :) Original post: http://navydream.tumblr.com/post/33843602123/i-had-thorki-feels

:) Thor obviously doesn't pick up sarcasm well, but that's part of what makes him so adorable. <<- Or maybe he's just the biggest troll to ever troll the nine realms (or in this case just Loki),

Loki and Thor as babies

Loki's childhood - I love this artist's stuff! XD (I am convinced Loki and I had the same childhood- so when do I begin my world domination?

We should start saying "LOKI'D!" on april fools day! For the Norse god of mischief is at it once again...

We should start saying "LOKI'D!" on april fools day. Loki day is March April fools is April The very next day. Am i the only one who thinks Loki day should be April fools day?

I always thought he meant he didn't have a home... But I like this so much

Poor Loki doesn't understand that Thor loves his brother regardless of the bad.