People Pixels.

American artist Craig Alan creates unique portraits of pop-culture icons using people as pixels. Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

Personas como píxeles de Alan Craig    Alan Craig es un artista estadounidense nació en San Bernardino, California, el recrea imágenes icónicas de personajes famosos utilizando a la gente como píxeles en sus composiciones de fotografía aérea.

People as Pixels by Alan Craig Craig Alan is an award-winning American artist born in San Bernardino, California. The artist recreates iconic pictures of famous celebrities and landmarks using people as pixels in his aerial photography compositions.

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Michael Mapes - cutting out shapes from photos, then attaching them to canvas with straight pins to re-form the picture


Portraits using People Craig Alan’s collections run the gamut from abstract expressionism to haunting, graphic realism, each one a reflection of its creator’s unique vision. Craig’s prolific career is.

Alexa Meade paints portraits on the human body that turn real life people into seemingly 2D works of art.

Using people as canvases…

Using people as canvases - Funny Pictures - Funny Photos - Funny Images - Funny Pics

Saatchi Art Artist: Joseph Vassie; Pen and Ink 2012 Drawing "Circular Portrait 2"

Circular Portrait 2 Drawing by Joseph Vassie

line Saatchi Online Artist: Joseph Vassie; Pen and Ink 2012 Drawing "Circular Portrait

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Curiosidades de la naturaleza

A horse entering the water. Is it nature added upon or art made to look completely natural?

Falling Garden - San Staë church on the Canale Grande, 50th Biennial of Venice, 2003

Falling Garden installation created by Swiss artists Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger for the Biennial of Venice in San Staë church on the Canale Grande