Kara is another Guardian spell caster and a powerfully talented Illusionist. She can make you see what she wants you to (Aishwarya Rai as Mira in The Last Legion)

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40+ Beste weg von der Schulter Brautkleider

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John was a private man, the brother of Charlie's uncle, he'd inherited the ancestral farm and rarely left it even after his unfortunate death.

Arwen - The Lord of the Rings Cosplayer:

The time + effort that goes into cosplay is impressive

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La Bruja del Páramo

I wait for the baker to turn his back. When he does I grab the loaf of bread and stick it under my cloak. I calmly walk away. I've learned that if you act calm people won't be suspicious. Someone be a knight.

This is a picture of a Troubadour playing a Lute. The Lute is very similar to the guitar but has a bit of a different shape. Also a very popular instrument played but plucking the strings so that they vibrate.

A traveling minstrel/troubadour. Playing a string guitar entertaining his audience with music. Notice his troubadour pants and his longer not quite so fitting blouse. You would also see the hats with a feather out the back.

Medieval Renaissance Custom Linen Dress Archeress by armstreet

Medieval Renaissance Custom Linen Dress Archeress by armstreet