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Side effects.. Exactly!!

Marijuana side effects include: happy, hungry, and a good night's sleep.

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20 Health Benefits of Marijuana (#4 Will Surprise You

weed anti depressant anxiety sleeping pill muscle relaxant therapist 20 Health Benefits of Marijuana ( Will Surprise You!

PLEASE people learn the facts!!!!

People have been using cannabis (marijuana) for a variety of purposes for centuries. Did you know cannabis and coconut oil can kill cancer cells?

Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Insomnia, Migraines, Ovarian Cysts, & PMS. If I were to take pharmaceuticals for all of these (& I opt out because of all reasons listed), is I'd be drowning in medical & prescription costs (i cannot afford it all)  & suffering from a very, very long list of side effects (that often outweighs any benefits). Medical marijuana is one natural drug that could treat all of these simultaneously w/o any side effects at an extremely manageable cost.

Handy list of the top conditions treated by Medical Marijuana. I support medicinal cannabis. It is healing lives every day in many ways. Could be an option for your gastroparesis symptoms. My GI doctor agrees.

THC & CBD Fight Cancer  Join the Movement with a payment plan here: http://cbdpl.us #CBD #Kway #hempVap

From "Seed to Weed" Growing Weed Tutorials. Pot, collie, el porro, Mary Jane — how many words do you know to express the Passion for smoking cannabis?

Just what the doctor SHOULD have ordered  #marijuana #cannabis

Studies suggest THC and CBD, the main cannabinoids found in medical marijuana, may help fight and protect against different forms of breast cancer.

after 17 years of migraine, and now strokes, it is the only medicine that actually helps

If it helps but u cant handle the high or want to give it to a child, CBD is the way to go. I have epilepsy, I know.

and spread awareness for this safe therapy that's often overlooked because of stereotypes. Every 19 minutes somebody dies of a prescription drug overdose. It doesn't happen with ‪ - Sanjay Gupta, MD.