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A Sami woman wearing a replica of traditional Kola Peninsula Sami dress.

In the sami culture, silver jewellery was an important investment, but it was also believed to be loaded with magic and symbolism. A ‘silver collar’ forms part of the traditional woman’s costume for weddings and celebrations. This sami silver collar.

Stoorstålka sami skirt

Arctic - Saami girls in traditional costume sell dried fish at the traditional market. Sweden: Sami, Jokkmokk Market: Arctic & Antarctic photographs, pictures & images from Bryan & Cherry Alexander Photography.

The Sami people, one of the largest indigenous groups in Europe, lives in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

This is a Traditional Sami garment (costume) with metal (goldwork) embroidered collar and silver jewellery buckles from Lapland.

Chatelaine -an idea and symbol of womens status -this is an example of Sami women's "chatelaine"

Chatelaine --an idea and symbol of women's status--this is an example of Sami women's "chatelaine"

The decoration at the hem, front and back, of the kirtle (tunic) consumes hundreds of meters of ribbon. The round silver buttons on his belt tells us that this man is unmarried.

inuit eskimo woman costume fur boots A pair of traditional Dolgan women's reindeer skin boots decorated with ornate bead work.

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