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The best part of this is the word ANGER in bold contains more rage than any rant could.

Not that I need a push up bra, that's for sure. But this is so funny


17 Tumblr Posts About Spanish That Are Really Fucking Funny

Funny tumblr post

Han Solo or Indiana Jones, or whichever character you choose, Harrison Ford comes to the rescue!

The doggo named Donkey


I feel like I would be the owner of that dog hahahah I love shrek

I've done this

One time I was watching over a class and a girl asked to go to the water fountain so I was going to say 'okay' and 'go ahead' and I looked straight at her and said 'go away'

Fictional land before prostate glands

Fictional land before prostate glands<< trying so hard not to laugh during a math test cuz of this


This made me think of Princess Diaries when Paolo is trying to convince her that she was a very cute moose. Makes all the boy moose go "wah!" Lol <<<< um that's because it was an intentional almost direct quote


Wowowowowowow bruh I threw up at orlando << I ate a churro there once << I saw a kid throw up by the churro stand.<<<<<I saw a kid watching another kid throw up by a churro stand