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Nope! This is setting standards that are too high for them. They shouldn't be starving themselves. They should eat a lot and be strong and healthy! I would rather see them solidly built and strong than waif-like and starving.

In my whole 20 years as an art enthusiast I never understood why nude art was a thing. Through Jeon Jungkook I came to understand.

Never wake a sleeping Yoongi

If you're going to wake up a sleeping Yoongi you're asking for your death already

Yep he's always lying about how bad he is and he's freakin amazing

Yep he's always lying about how bad he is and he's freaking​ amazing// Really honestly what a perfect song for his solo song.


Imma call only yoongi oppa tho. Other bangtan members are brothers

Atheists, if god doesn't exist, then explain this

I was sad that people hated Yoongi then this post. “I’m color”

Sleepy kookie

Jungkook-hyung is me when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom

Literally I'm not even going to try to count the amount of times he made this face during the new yang nam show

oh yeh he always has to take a few moments of appreciation xD

Hahahaha that was a funny moment. Let's not forget Jiminie helping to hold on to Jin as well ^^ such a caring bunch

Hahahaha that was a funny moment. Immediately thought of titanic hahaha

Child, stop... and I can say that because I'm older than him! #BTS

keepingupwithbts: “Because this is JEON JUNGKOOK we’re talking about 😩 ”

#bts #jungkook

Kookie you should considerate our hearts exploding making this kind of face