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Except they can't high five over it. Sure, George can clap a hand against the mirror, but cold, smooth glass isn't the same as the warm hand of your twin brother.

I will do this. Even robert hates twilight.

Even robert hates twilight.<<I will do this too, Harry Potter is fabulous, twilight is actual shit on paper XD

Everything can be Harry Potter related

*slow claps* << more like dark haired boys with light eyes struggle to survive in general am I right

Harry wasn't even able to curse Bellatrix after she freaking killed Sirius. THAT'S how much he respected McGonagall.

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Harry has never cast an unforgivable curse on ANYONE, Not even Voldemort. Yet seeing this low life spit at McGonagall, he didn't even think twice about throwing out an unforgivable curse.

Lupin has more wisdom than you even realized. | 21 Hilarious "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Realize Some...

Lupin has more wisdom than you even realized.

Harry learned he could talk to snakes and his first reaction was to make small talk.

meanwhile in the hufflepuff common room - Google Search

Hufflepuffs are the Canadians of Harry Potter. I'm a Canadian,Hufflepuff,Pukwudgie. No shame.No shame.


I'm coming Harry! LOL// Can we appreciate that people added that gif to all of her James Potter posts?