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I literally do love this crap. And flippy hair...

I literally do love this crap. And flippy hair.>>I want sky blue hair and a Deathly Hallows tattoo.

With definition I'm proud of who I am

this is why i don't really mind getting called "emo" anymore (used to hate it but i'm ok with it now)<< I take emo as a compliment. Haha you tryna insult me by calling me emo? Haha no no you're right I know I'm emo af thx

sassy gee - Google Search

I've never been in a Hot Topic shop they don't exist in my counrty. XD Lol guys this is just for jokes, shop wherever you want and buy whatever you want. This just had 2 of my favorite things, Alice in Wonderland and Hot Topic so I had to pin.

Honestly whoever made a One Direction reference to BVB needs to piss off. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

This one time I went to hot topic, and there were these girls that were all like "This is an emo store" and Im there like.

Had something similar happen at school with "you're gonna go far kid"

Did I ever tell you that once I thought it would be funny to wear my Panic! At The Disco shirt to church group, (THIS IS GOSPEL) and my CHURCH LEADER looks at me, says "nice shirt" and winks.