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Seriously, people!!! Misha is 6' tall not 5'11". I know that is not what is most important about this, but it always irks me that everyone gets his height wrong.

Lol so true I love the 'we're probably gonna die tomorrow' one and 'I learned that from the pizza man'

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The most awesome images on the Internet

SPN: a gif for everything. If the internet ever discovers something we don't have a gif for, ten bucks they figure out a way to add it next season

These have been poem from the supernatural fandom

Supernatural poems - so touching, especially Bobby's.) -- Roses are red, violets are blue, I lost my shoe, what should I do?

Okay I like how he doesn't question "husband", just "second". xD I giggled.

I really can't stand it when people ship two men in a series that are not gay men. I had to make an exception for this because the scoters actually ship it but yeah. Destiel is my ship forever.

When the Supernatural fandom takes over your Tumblr post

In which the Supernatural has a gif for taking over your post xD --though I suppose it should be "you've been garthed" <--it's actually really funny but kinda annoying when they (we?

Sammy why you do that to Lucifer?

Can I tickle you from the inside is officially the scariest sentence I've ever heard. And Sammy u hurt his feelings?

Seriously. I can't believe how young they look too after several years of filming!

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