PERCY I WILL BAKE YOU A CAKE ON YOUR BIRTHDAY I PROMISE <<<<< IT MUST BE BLUE!!!!!!!!<<<<< Same mounth with Nico! I feel sooo angelic now

Annabeth: Percy I baked you cake since its your birthday. *hands Percy cake* Percy: Why isn't it blue?

Heros of Olympus: powers in thinking ;)

percy jackson funny - in case you didn't know, children of Athena walk alone. They don't have any powers but their mind, which can be better than any super power.


Well, they're not wrong. / Percy Jackson / per sassy / Percy Jackson perfection / Percabeth/ Percy + Annabeth = Perc-fect<<< I would spell Percabeth

Cause these guys are fricking heroes

They my have died heroes but why did they have to die! Because good old Rick wanted us all to cry like little babies.

I love this lol<<< "Accidentally"

This would totally happen. I have always wanted to see Nico dance. And do gymnastics.<<<OMG so one day nico disappears and the can't find him. 3 years later the whole camp is watching the Olympics and then gymnastics comes on and nico wins the gold.