The Redhead's Dreams- Original mixed media painting by Maria Pace-Wynters

Items similar to Hope And Desires- Fine Art Reproduction- by Maria Pace-Wynters on Etsy

Maria Pace-Wynters

Pretty Bird -- Maria Pace-Wynters -- 12 in X 9 in cm X cm) mixed media painting on wood

Purple GoldACEO  Open edition reproduction by by MariaPaceWynters, $6.00

Purple Gold-ACEO Open edition reproduction by door MariaPaceWynters

Maria Pace-Wynters

Botanical Wonderland by MariaPaceWynters Botanical Wonderland- Art Reproduction by Maria Pace-Wynters (reproduction) Materials: paper, bamboo (wacom tablet?

Mixed Media Painting of a girl with long red hair in a red spotty dressing gown surrounded by beautiful red flowers. The girl has a white flower in her hair. Painting by Maria Pace-Wynters

Alive with dancing pattern, the colourful mixed media paintings of Canadian artist Maria Pace-Wynters are a celebration of the care-free nature of childhoo