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celtic tree of life tattoo | Celtic Tree of Life... by ~WikkedOne on deviantART

Celtic Tree of Life, mechanical pen, light drawing pencil. Something Wikked this way comes. Celtic Tree of Life.

Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Tree of Life embroidery

Celtic Tree of Life - Amazing! I have no idea how I would quilt this -- maybe appliqué for the tree, and Celtic knot appliqué for the roots.

tree with body under roots - Google Search

The "Yggdrasil" (or 'The Tree of Life' aka "The Terrible One's Horse" in Norse Mythology.


Yggdrasil "world tree" (In Norse mythology, Yggdrasil (/ˈɪɡdrəsɪl/; from Old Norse Yggdrasill, pronounced [ˈyɡːˌdrasilː]) is an immense tree that is central in Norse cosmology, in connection to which the nine worlds exist.