How To Make Cold Brew Coffee (The perfect cold brew coffee relies on exactly the right ratio of coffee grounds to water. Here's how to make it.

Affogato al Caffè  Oh Yum \ ATELIER DIA  TJANN TJANTEK

Affogato al caffè (Vanilla ice cream & coffee)

This is actually my favorite dessert. One melon ball if vanilla ice cream, pour shot of espresso over top (decaf for me) and ENJOY ! Coffee-Drowned Gelato or Ice Cream - recipe

DIY affogato with melting chocolate - A great grown up dessert

DIY affogato with melting chocolate

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Food styling tips for food bloggers | Simply Delicious

Food styling tips for food bloggers

ultimate Iced Coffee Prepare with coffee ice cubes Strong Black Coffee Sweetened Condensed Milk.maybe half and half instead of sweetened condensed milk

Affogato Speciale: 2 scoops vanilla ice cream 4 oz. amaretto 4 oz. espresso (2- 2 oz. shots) 8 oz. chocolate stout

Affogato Speciale

My favorite type of breakfast in my favorite place.

Petit Dejeuner Gentleman’s Essentials

La povertà è la madre di tutte le arti or for us English folks, we say: necessity is the mother of invention. What does this saying have to do with today’s post besides that fact that it’s also Italian? Well, have you ever had guests stopped by unexpectedly and if you are like me, these are …

Affogato (Ice Cream or Gelato with Espresso)

Affogato--simple Italian drink that combines ice cream or gelato with espresso coffee {drink recipe}

How To Make Cold Brew Coffee: a step-by-step photo tutorial and recipe | gimmesomeoven.com #diy

Cold Brew Coffee

de cafe molido y 4 tazas de agua fria, dehar reposar en el refrigerador por minimo 24 hrs maximo. Learn how to make cold brew coffee with this simple cold brew coffee recipe and step-by-step photo tutorial. It is SO easy, and so good!

The Perfect Formula For Brewing Coffee, Down To The Gram

A brief, but entertaining VIDEO on how to measure coffee perfectly every time. Find out the perfect coffee brewing ratio.

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Iced coffee for those hot summer days! // a shot of coffee, some milk & lots of ice cubes // delish!

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#BaristaLife #BaristaProblems #ToBeAPartner