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I am open and ready to attract abundance into my life ! https://www.facebook.com/motivate.your.life.force

I am Open and Ready To Attract Abundance into My Life - another inspirational thought for you to consider and enjoy whilst you go about your day!


I am worthy. I am worthwhile. I am of great worth. I matter. I am deserving. I am grateful. I forgive myself I forgive others I trust myself I trust others I am talented I am intelligent I am worth it I deserve the best I give my best.

Live in the Light

Live in the Light


Daily Positive Affirmations for wealth - I am on my way to creating great wealth

Abundance Focus

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Daily Affirmations

Law of Attraction Money - Immense wealth and riches are flowing to me from known and unknown sources of Cosmic abundance! - The Astonishing life-Changing Secrets of the Richest, most Successful and Happiest People in the World

Love is contagious

Love is contagious. When I share love, it comes back to me multiplied. ~Louise Hay Inspirational, motivational aspirations and quotes

Seeing your goal written, in ink on paper, will have a powerful effect on your mind.

Things are always working out for me

My antidote to self-pity when I don't perceive things to be going my way. Such a better perspective!

I gratefully allow all the health, wealth and happiness that the universe pours into me every day. - Daily Affirmation by MQ http://yoliclub.com

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