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Garrus is Archangel, and I'll give him wings if I want to. ;) [Also, for the record, I like to imagine that the Turian concept of heaven is more or less like the human one, only with armaments (all of which need no end of calibrating) and alcohol. — And hopefully, for Garrus’ sake, no spiders.]

darthfar: “ Better post this now, before I see something else to obsess over. Wincenworks got back to playing Mass Effect

itsmyfreakin: “Have I ever told you that you look cute without your visor?” –So this started out as just a quick doodle of Garrus and Shepard after a night out on the town, but suddenly it was and I’d finished the damn thing.

best ending for mass effect that wasnt an ending.

So as you said,Turians kiss each other with their foreheads.lol another one: Shepard,Garrus(c)Bioware How to kiss a turian II

2016 Game Awards Trailer Ryder and Liam

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So this time it's Liara sumi/water combo style. Inspired by the awesome game Mass Effect Calligraphy: Dance I was thinking of one of the virtuous words as usual, but I couldn't think of a good matc...

Mass Effect (Japanese Calligraphy Art) Saren Arterius by MyCKs on DeviantArt

So much win! I ALWAYS thought of this while playing ME1!!!

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