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Sadly that's true

Comparison will kill you. Quote to live by

quote, positive, and motivation image

quote, positive, and motivation image

Stay positive, work hard, make it happen . Motivational quotes for girl boss

Your mind will always believe everything you tell it. Feed it FAITH. Feed it TRUTH. Feed it with LOVE.

Where is your mind today? Where are your thoughts? Is it a positive way of thinking or negative? Feed your mind positivity. Tag someone below that needs to hear this today by rory_vaden


40 Powerful Mantras to Help You Think Positive

I am amazing. I can do anything. Positivity is a choice. I celebrate my individuality. I am prepared to succeed.

Improve Your Meditation Practice

positivity is a choice, celebrate my individuality; I am prepared to succeed.

This would be cool to have on your wall! :) Daily motivation by Your Personal Evolution System #alwayspositive

Wall of Positivity

Success See Your Goal Understand the Obstacles Create a Positive Mental Picture Clear Your Mind of Self Doubt Embrace the Challenge Stay on Track Show the World You Can Do It! Wall Decal Sticker Art Mural Home Décor Quote Lettering

Focus, één van de belangrijkste doelen die je jezelf moet stellen als je ondernemer of zzp'er bent

FOCUS FOWARD: Abraham Hicks - Ignore What Is & Focus on What You Want Picture what success looks like for you. Create and focus on a clear vision of your path to excellence. Sustain and increase your motivation by keeping your eyes fixed upon where