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USB stick,a touchscreen, and has a slot at one end to hook up another stick. File transfers can see whats on it without a computer

View files on flash drive screen. No computer needed. U Transfer USB stick eliminates the need for using a computer as a medium to transfer information from one stick to another. It is equipped with a.

While not the fastest USB drive in existence (read 12MB/sec, write 7MB/sec is slow, actually) as of this writing it is one of only two USB drives in existence that actually transform. While there are 2GB and 4GB versions of this drive that have been around for some time, this is the only 8GB version we’ve seen. Full specs after the jump. (Thanks JJ!)  Transfomers USB Flash Drive – 8GB

Transformer USB Drive - If you loved playing with transformers as a kid, you will love this ‘Transforming USB Flash Drive’. Equipped with of memory and built to look like Ravage

9' Solar Powered Patio & Beach Umbrella w/ USB Ports....Don't get up, this umbrella will charge your cell phone for you....cool!

Solar Powered Patio & Beach Umbrella with USB Ports. I get the handiness of this idea but admit half of me says don't we want to get away from tech when we enjoy outdoor time. Okay, no this enables us to work outside and that is a good thing

This pop up socket with USB plugs is convenient and space friendly. ( #technology #gadget #office #home #kitchen )

The inspired and functional design of this pop-up USB makes it possible to keep a handy socket nearby without sacrificing valuable counter space.

This gadget connects to your bike wheel and converts energy for your USB devices! ( #gadget #technology #bike #biking #cycle )

This gadget connects to your bike wheel and converts energy for your USB devices!

Utilizing only one power cord to charge up to 4 separate devices frees up other electrical outlets for your many other kitchen appliances.

USB Paper Towel Holder & Charger

Butta USB Hand Warmers yellow, tech & gadgets, tech & gadgets other

Butta USB Handwarmers

Plug in these handwarmers and in just a few moments, your hands will be wonderfully toasty. And yes, you CAN type while wearing them. Get your own toasty warm hands and conquer your always-freezing office with adorable plush foodstuff.