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Fairy and Moon

I came across this amazing fairy art by David Delamare. Isn't he such a talented illustrationist? I popped in a few pictures for you to enj.

tumblr_mp7r9oP1QB1roez34o1_400.jpg (391×600)

Fallen Angel- Patch was once an angel in heaven, but he fell in love with a human, So he came down to earth, loosing his wings!

A princess is lost in the labyrinth trying to reach the castle.

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HEDONE: was the spirit (daimona) of pleasure, enjoyment and delight. As a daughter of Eros (love) and Psyche (soul). She was associated more specifically with sensual pleasure. Her opposite number were the Algea (Pains). The Romans named her Voluptas. ::::: Original ; angel...

When angels visit us, we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathery…